24 Hours Roller Skating Marathon in a Group

Unique ID:2018MA043 Who did this :Anju GuptaRecord Place :PUNJAB, INDIAWhen it was done:23RD JUNE, 2017Record Registration Date:15TH MARCH, 2018Anju Gupta (Born on 23rd October 1974) From Amritsar, Punjab organized “24 Hours on Wheels”, Roller Skating event with the support of District Roller Skating Welfare Association, Amritsar, Punjab. 12 participants between the age group of

Longest Electronic Keyboard Ensemble

Unique ID:2018MA026 Who did this :M.JustinRecord Place :Tamil Nadu, INDIAWhen it was done:30TH DECEMBER, 2017Record Registration Date:20TH JANUARY, 2018M.Justin (Born on 7th June, 1979) from Tamil Nadu, India organized the record “Longest Electronic Keyboard Ensemble” with four students at Karunya Auditorium, Kattukadai, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India where they uniformly

Longest Continues Moon Walk (Dance)

Unique ID:2019MA056 Who did this :PrabhakaranRecord Place :Tamil Nadu, INDIAWhen it was done:29TH AUGUST, 2018Record Registration Date:29TH AUGUST, 2018 Prabhakaran (Born on 13 December 1990) from Tamil Nadu, India achieved the record “Longest Continues Moon Walk (Dance)” for 2 hours 46 minutes 14 seconds at Grand square Mall, Velachery, Chennai,

Most Sounds Resembled By Vocal in 270 Seconds – Blindfolded

Unique ID:2019AC051Who did this :P.VIJAY Record Place :Tamil Nadu, INDIAWhen it was done:4th April, 2019Record Registration Date:4th April, 2019 P.VIJAY (Born on 3rd June, 1993) from Tamil Nadu, India achieved the record "Most Sounds Resembled by Vocal in 270 Seconds - Blindfolded". He Dubbed (Vocal Sounds Effects) playback video for

Longest Fashion Show

Unique ID:2019MA024Who did this :Vibes 360 Brand RunwayRecord Place :Tamil Nadu, INDIAWhen it was done:23rd December, 2018 - 24th December, 2018Record Registration Date:24th December, 2018 Vibes 360 Brand Runway" achieved the record “Longest Fashion Show” for 25 hours in Four Points by Sheraton, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India where 357

Longest Marathon Carrom Playing

Unique ID:2018MA085Who did this :KUMAR RAMESHRecord Place :CHHATTISGARH, INDIAWhen it was done:19TH, NOVEMBER, 2017Record Registration Date:28TH AUGUST, 2018 Kumar Ramesh (Born on 3rd August, 1991) from Chhattisgarh, India achieved the record “Longest Marathon Carrom Playing”. He started playing carrom at 08:02:54 AM on 18th November, 2017 and finished at 20:36:36

Longest Underwater Yoga

Unique ID:2018MA083Who did this :KHUSHI POURNIMA PARMARRecord Place :MAHARASHTRA, INDIAWhen it was done:21ST JUNE, 2018Record Registration Date:28TH AUGUST, 2018 Khushi Pournima Parmar (Born on 30th May, 2002) from Maharashtra, India achieved the record “Longest Underwater Yoga”.  She attempted this record on the occasion of World Yoga Day for continues 3hrs, 7mins,

Longest Journey by Reverse Car

Unique ID:2018MA061Who did this :SAGAR THAKARRecord Place :JODHPUR - MUMBAIWhen it was done:18TH MARCH, 2018 - 21ST MARCH, 2018Record Registration Date:29TH MAY, 2018 Sagar Thakar (Born on 30th June, 1982) From Gujarat, India achieved the record “Longest Journey by Reverse Car”. He started his journey on 18th March, 2018 at

Most Speeches in 24 Hours

Unique ID:2018MA030Who did this :M.VIGNESH KUMARRecord Place :TAMIL NADU, INDIAWhen it was done:1ST FEBRUARY, 2018 - 2ND FEBRUARY, 2018Record Registration Date:15TH MAY, 2018 M.Vignesh Kumar (Born on 2nd January, 1996) from Tamil Nadu, India achieved the record “Most Speeches in 24 Hours”. Total 52 speeches of minimum 10 minutes each

Longest Solo Car Marathon

Unique ID:2018MA055Who did this :HITENDRA SHARMARecord Place :MADHYA PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:31ST MAY, 2017Record Registration Date:27TH APRIL, 2018 Hitendra Sharma (Born on 11th January, 1978) from Madhya Pradesh, India achieved the record “Longest Solo Car Marathon”. He had completed Solo drive of 11 Asian countries and covered 30195 km in 90