Communication through Facial Gestures & Dance

Unique ID:2016I0103Who did this :DR. SHARAD RATILAL GANDHI AND BHARAT RAMESHBHAI GANDHIRecord Place :GUJARAT, INDIAWhen it was done:SINCE 1992Record Registration Date:27TH JANUARY, 2015 Dr. Sharad Ratilal Gandhi (Born on 18th May, 1971) & Bharat Rameshbhai Gandhi (Born on 4th September, 1976) from Gujarat, India are performing a unique art-form in

Multipurpose Food Processing Machine

Unique ID:2016I067Who did this :DHARAMVEER KAMBOJRecord Place :HARYANA, INDIAWhen it was done:2007Record Registration Date:20TH OCTOBER, 2014 Dharamveer Kamboj (Born on 15th May, 1963) from Haryana, India has invented “Multipurpose Food Processing Machine” in 2007. He took 11 months to invent this machine. This device is capable of pulverizing and extracting

Honour for Technical Innovations

Unique ID:2014I125Who did this :GIREESHAN M.GRecord Place :KERALA, INDIAWhen it was done:2005Record Registration Date:5TH APRIL, 2014 Gireeshan M.G. (born on 13th January, 1984) from Kerala, India is known as “Desi Edison” for his 133 technical innovations. He has designed and developed a wide range of electronics products since 2005. Among

Sugarcane Bud Chopper Equipment

Unique ID:2014I101Who did this :ROSHAN LAL VISHWAKARMARecord Place :MADHYA PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:5TH APRIL, 2014Record Registration Date:5TH APRIL, 2014 Roshan Lal Vishwakarma (born on 8th March, 1967) from Madhya Pradesh, India has Invented “Sugarcane Bud Chopper Equipment “. This bud chopper can separate more than 300 buds per hour.

Invention Animated T-Shirt

Unique ID:2014I052Who did this :SHAILENDRA RAKHECHARecord Place :KOLKATA, INDIAWhen it was done:4TH MARCH, 2011Record Registration Date:27TH MARCH, 2014 Shailendra Rakhecha (born on 7th November, 1981) from Kolkata, India has made washable animated picture T-Shirt, Where face, legs, eyes and other  parts of the character of picture move as they are

Invention of Environmental Electropathy by Development of Environmental Theory and Formulas Applicable to Electropathy

Unique ID:2014I265Who did this :SHRIPAD KRISHNARAO VAIDYARecord Place :MAHARASHTRA, INDIAWhen it was done:1999 Record Registration Date:27TH JANUARY, 2014 Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya (born on 5th May, 1969 ) from Maharashtra, India has invented Environmental Electropathy by Development of Environmental Theory/Scientific laws/formulas Applicable to Electropathy Science in the year 1999. This includes