Unique Cover Page of Magazine

Unique ID:2018CR076Who did this :BHAVESH NENSHIBHAI MIRANIRecord Place :GUJARAT, INDIAWhen it was done:18TH AUGUST, 2017Record Registration Date:23TH AUGUST, 2018 Sarjanhar a Gujarati monthly magazine, edited by Mr. Bhavesh Nenshibhai Mirani has come out with a unique cover page which appears door of an ancient temple on its 10th anniversary on 18th August,

Most Number of Carvings on Different Materials

Unique ID:2016CR078Who did this :PAMARTHI SIVA NAGA RAORecord Place :ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:HE HAS BEEN CARVING SCULPTURES SINCE 1997Record Registration Date:17TH NOVEMBER, 2014 Pamarthi Siva Naga Rao (Born on 28th May, 1978) from, Andhra Pradesh, India has carved 30 articles including Taj Mahal, Indian Map and Lord Ganesha

Painting by Using Most Pen Dots

Unique ID:2018CR022Who did this :BONAM GANESHRecord Place :ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:29TH NOVEMBER 2017Record Registration Date:8TH FEBRUARY, 2018 Bonam Ganesh (Born on 14th November, 2001) From Andhra Pradesh, India achieved the record “Painting by Using Most Pen Dots”. He drawn the painting using 8 lakh dots on 5 feet x

Creation of Highest Number of 3D Paintings

Unique ID:2018CR019Who did this :SINGARAPU SHIVARAMA KRISHNARecord Place :TELANGANA, INDIAWhen it was done:6TH JANUARY, 2018Record Registration Date:6TH JANUARY, 2018 Singarapu ShivaRama Krishna (born on 14th November, 1989) from Telangana, India has created the record “Creation of Highest Number of 3D Paintings”. He started making 3D paintings from 2012 and made 180

Most Temples Made by Chalk Pieces

Unique ID:2018CR004Who did this :RAJASHEKAR KONKARecord Place :TELANGANA, INDIAWhen it was done:26TH JULY , 2017Record Registration Date:1ST AUGUST, 2017 Rajashekar Konka (Born on 5 April, 1992) From Telangana, India achieved the record “Most Temples Made by Chalk Pieces”. He created 12 Temples of different places of India with chalk pieces

Mythological Ramayana History Displaying in Jamdani Style

Unique ID:2017CR130Who did this :BIREN KUMAR BASAKRecord Place :WEST BENGAL, INDIAWhen it was done:OCTOBER,1996 - MARCH,1999Record Registration Date:3RD OCTOBER, 2017 Biren Kumar Basak (Born on 16th May, 1961) from West Bengal, India achieved the record “Mythological Ramayana History Displaying in Jamdani Style”. The length of Saree is 6.5 metre wrap,

Paper Replica of a Metal Necklace

Unique ID:2017CR076Who did this :VARSHA SRIVASTAVARecord Place :UTTAR PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:2016Record Registration Date:20 FEBRUARY, 2017 Varsha Srivastava (Born on 20th February, 1991) from Uttar Pradesh, India achieved the record “Paper Replica of a Metal Necklace”. She prepared complete necklace set having a wearable size. The necklace set was

Largest Display of Handmade Paper Quelling Dolls

Unique ID:2018CR005Who did this :KAVITHA JOHRI SRIVASTAV AND SHIVALI JOHRI SRIVASTAVRecord Place :TELANGANA, INDIAWhen it was done:9TH JUNE, 2016 - 9TH SEPTEMBER, 2016Record Registration Date:31ST JULY, 2017 Kavitha Johri Srivastav (Born on 27th January, 1966) and Shivali Johri Srivastav (Born on 29th March, 1998) From Telangana India has achieved the

Most Name Ganesha Arts in 3 Hours

Unique ID:2016CR169Who did this :RAJ (SUJIT) KANDALGAONKARRecord Place :MAHARASHTRA, INDIAWhen it was done:1ST SEPTEMBER, 2015Record Registration Date:14TH SEPTEMBER, 2015 Raj (Sujit) Kandalgaonkar (Born on 6th April, 1974) from Maharashtra, India has created the record of “Most Ganesha Name Art Works in 3 Hours”. He created total 407 art works in