World’s First Masterpiece Super Luxury Car Manufacturing Company

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9TH APRIL, 2014

HRADYESH – a global luxury brand originated in India achieved the record for being “World’s First Masterpiece Super Luxury Car Manufacturing Company” exclusively manufacturing super luxury cars on Invitation basis only. Every super luxury car by HRADYESH is especially handcrafted and built in-house from scratch as per respective owner’s preference. HRADYESH is also India’s first Super luxury car, Hot Rod, Street Rod, Muscle car, Custom car manufacturing company holds the credit of officially launching and promoting the concept of passion automobile comprising handcrafted super luxury car, Hot Rod, Street Rod, Muscle Car, Custom Car in the country.

HRADYESH has manufactured and launched India’s First – Hot Rod, Street Rod, Muscle Car and Custom Car.

The first ever virtual car launch in India is done by HRADYESH on its official website “Morris Street” is the first car in India launched virtually and unveiled globally online via on 30 June 2011.

“Morris Street” built by HRADYESH is also the most expensive super luxury car manufactured and launched in India at a price of 2.7 Cores Indian Rupees.

The company HRADYESH is the first super luxury car manufacturing company to follow “The Invitation only” criteria where the invitation is requested on its official website Every invitation request is screened, processed and evaluated in detail before accepting or declining any request.

The company is also responsible for promoting the concept of Super luxury cars, Hot Rod, Street Rod, Muscle Car, Custom Car in which the first built and launched car “Morris Street” is driven on roads all across India covering every state capital of India on first of its kind “All India Roadshow”. The “All India Road show” was conducted to let the automobile enthusiast experience and understand the offering and concept by HRADYESH.

The luxury brand HRADYESH is a first and only global company from India offering elite experiences in the luxury domains of Automobiles, motorsport, lifestyle and fashion founded by dynamic visionary entrepreneur Mr. Hradyesh Kumar Namdeo. “Dream first to realize your dream” is the thought and vision of founder Mr. Hradyesh Kumar Namdeo which is followed into every exclusive experience offering by the global luxury brand HRADYESH